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Please print out and hand into the restaurant for your Chinese Food to go!

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Kari-Out Introduces Panda Brand Low Sodium Gluten Free Soy Sauce Packets to Chinese Take-Out
Lighter is Healthier. Your Health, Our Mission

Chinese food is healthy food. Think tofu, steamed greens, brown rice, steamed vegetable dumplings, broccoli, and many other offerings found on a typical Chinese take-out menu.

To highlight this lighter side of Chinese food, Kari-Out, the food ingredient and packaging "to go" company, has introduced the first low sodium soy sauce in packets specifically for Chinese restaurants. Kari-Out's new soy sauce is also wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, Kosher, and has zero (0) grams of carbs.

Paul Epstein, President of Kari-Out, said, "Kari-Out is always developing innovative products to meet the needs of our distributors and consumers. Our new Low Sodium Soy Sauce, with all its attributes, truly responds to the demands of restaurant owners and consumers looking for healthier items." Research indicates that two main target groups are looking for this new item: Families trying to make more health-conscious dining choices, and individuals with special dietary needs such as those on salt-restricted or wheat and gluten-free diets.

Kari-Out was partly inspired to create a gluten-free soy sauce because several members of Mr. Epstein's family have Celiac Disease, a genetic intolerance to wheat and gluten, including himself and his four-year-old daughter, Lily. "Lily and I love ordering Chinese take-out at least once a week," he explained, "but we were unable to use traditional soy sauce because it contains wheat."

Kari-Out's new packet will delight children as well as their parents. Children will be drawn to the eye-catching green packets featuring Kari-Out's animated panda doing sports such as yoga, skateboarding, and bike riding. Their parents will appreciate the overall message: That eating well and exercising are all part of a healthy lifestyle.

About Kari-Out
Kari-Out Company, a manufacturer of food ingredients and packaging "to go", was founded in 1964. The company has a strong position in the Chinese Restaurant Industry, with locations throughout the country. Please visit www.kariout.com for more information about Kari-out and its products. And remember: WHEN YOU TAKE OUT, ASK FOR PANDA BRAND GLUTEN FREE SOY SAUCE PACKETS AT YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT.