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No one knows carry-out like kari-out®

To go food Packaging by Kari-Out®

We are proud to offer a wide variety of plastic products for your food service and business needs.

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No one knows carry out like Kari-Out®

Billions of products produced annually

Since the 1970s, Kari-Out® has been producing
food packaging and ingredients for a variety of food service establishments.

Today, Kari-Out® produces billions of products each year! Along with our delicious sauces, we manufacture to-go food packaging, sustainable food packaging, food ingredients, AND billions of individually wrapped towelettes and alcohol-based wipes for the foodservice, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

Our products finds their way to the customer by a variety of outlets.  Contact Kari-Out® to get a catalog and order!


Chinese and Pan-Asian

Fine Dining

Fast Casual

Hotels and Airlines

Super Market Salad Bars

National Restaurant Chains