Preparing for the “NEXT NORMAL”

Introducing new food tray sleeves

The coronavirus crisis has changed everything, including consumer behavior.

To sucessfully navigate the “Next Normal,” it’s crucial to give customers peace-of-mind by creating the safest dining environment possible.

In addition to masks, sanitizers, and disposable menus, providing essential single use items including paperboard sleeves is not only sanitary but convenient, safe and economical.  Food tray sleeves also help keep food items contained and warm.  Being equipped with the proper supplies ensures that you will not only survive the “Next Normal” but thrive in it.

Kari-Out Food Tray Sleeves are:

environmentally friendly pizza box icons

Choose from any of the food tray products we have below

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Since 1964, Kari-Out has manufactured  to-go food packaging, condiments and other products to make our customers more successful.

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A family-owned company founded in 1964, Kari-Out has over 50 years of diversified manufacturing experience in to-go food packaging in the United States.