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Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Where we started

Kari-Out® is a family business with humble beginnings that started with the imagination and endless determination of our founder, Howard Epstein. Howard’s dream began in Bronx, New York with a small popcorn business servicing the local movie theaters and quickly grew to become a leading manufacturer of a best-selling line of sauces. Kari-Out® continued to grow powered by Howard’s integrity and conviction and expanded into manufacturing food packaging and towelettes.

Today, Kari-Out® services the grocery, foodservice, QSR and hospitality industries out of our five U.S. based facilities. We produce billions of sauce packets to both local and national quick service restaurants.

Decades of Innovation

Since the 1970s, Kari-Out® has been producing high quality sauces and condiments for both local and national quick service restaurants. This includes popular products such as our bestselling Asian themed sauces like Panda brand soy sauce, duck sauce and hot mustard. In addition, Kari- Out® has expanded our line to include ketchup, hot sauce, sriracha, mustard, taco sauce and honey blends.

Today, Kari-Out® produces billions of portion pack sauces each year! Along with our delicious sauces, we manufacture billions of individually wrapped towelettes and alcohol-based wipes for the foodservice, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

resuable takeout bag
resuable takeout bag

Serving iconic qsr and retail customers

Kari-Out® partners with some of the largest QSR restaurant chains throughout the U.S. The company has developed and matched multiple signature products for an array of chain restaurants.

We have also partnered with national chains by providing top quality cleansing and sanitizing wipes.

Supporting food on the move in a sustainable way

Kari-Out® provides a wide variety of food packaging from plastic, aluminum, and paper containers to foil wrappers and paper bags for QSR and food service customers. Our sustainable paper tray and container line has become a perfect alternative to single use foam products.

With our full line of recycled paper food trays, Eco Earth™ line of compostable, recyclable and biodegradable paper containers and our Eco Box™ containers, we are working with our channel partners to reduce the amount of single use plastics entering the market.

resuable takeout bag

Kari-Out® of today

Today, Kari-Out® employs over 500 associates and has locations across the country. We are also proud to have received the American Institute of Baking highest standard of quality for our manufacturing process. We operate out of five facilities throughout North America, with nearly 1 million square feet of production and distribution, supplying both independent and national food service distributors.

In line with the company’s mission to be environmentally responsible, our largest production facility is powered by solar energy.

As Kari Out® moves into the future, we are confident that our strong team, high quality products, channel partner relations and our commitment to our customers will allow us to continue to grow and evolve as a company.