Sustainable Products

Earth-Friendly Packaging by Kari-Out®

We are proud to offer new products that are environmentally-friendly packaging options.

Kari-Out is Greener Than Ever

From recyclables to solar-powered manufacturing

We continue to invest in processes and materials that represent sustainability and environmental-friendliness – and serve your business needs.  Kari-Out® recognizes the need to provide a variety of packaging options that are good for your company, and good for the earth.

With our Eco-Earth™ line, Eco-Boxes™, Terrasmart™ clam shell containers, paper soup items, and shopping bags, the newest additions to the Kari-Out® product line are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Saving the planet and reducing carbon footprints and fossil fuel consumption continues to be a priority at Kari-Out®. Did you know? Solar panels generate electricity with no air or carbon pollution. This is one of the many reasons why Kari-Out® provides solar panels at two of our biggest facilities- generating over 2 megawatts amongst both sites. 

Solar energy is a natural, unlimited, and renewable energy source that emits no gases or by-products that contaminate the environment or the air. It is sunlight converted to energy for use, just like regular electricity!

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Kari-Out® is a proud member of the US Composting Council®

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Introducing Kari-Out’s® TerraSmart™

Introducing Kari-Out’s® TerraSmart™

  Introducting Kari-Out® TerraSmart™ Featuring a dependable construction made with 40% less plastic than comparable plastic containers, this item is a wonderful addition to venues looking to reduce their carbon footprint. It's also built for both hot and...

Eco-Friendly Paper Cups

Eco-Friendly Paper Cups

Eco-Friendly Paper Soup and Hot Food Cup with Lid Durable Construction.   Vented Lid.Request A Catalog We normally do not mail out physical catalogs, but if you wish, we can e-mail you a copy of our catalog digitally to you. Please use the button below for more...