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Kari-out cushion foil sheets are degrees above the rest

Our cushion foil sheets are laminated with paper to keep food piping hot. The specialized grease-proof foil locks in heat to keep burritos and hot sandwiches from getting cold, savory subs and juicy burgers sizzling hot, and steaming baked potatoes ready to eat – all without messy leaks. The cushioned honeycomb foil interior gives food additional protection while keeping it looking appetizing, plus the convenient pre-cut sheets are free of distracting prints making the foil easy to write on.

Create the ideal grab-and-go food experience for customers with cost-efficient cushion foil sheets!

Kari-Out Cushion Foil Sheets are:

Super Cost Efficient Packaging Solution

Kari-Out is committed to providing the tools and support needed.  Contact us to learn more now!

cushion foil sheets and specs

Standard foil pop-up sheets are also available

standard foil pop up sheets

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