Eco-Earth™ Boxes - Foam and Plastic Alternative

Eco-Earth™ Boxes – Foam and Plastic Alternative

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Eco-Earth™ Boxes – A great choice for the planet

Kari Out® Eco-Earth™ Boxes are a great alternative to foam and plastic. They’re 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Incredibly versatile, they can be used for hot or cold foods – entrees, sides, or desserts. Sustainable, durable and disposable, Eco-Earth™ Boxes are leak and grease resistant, keeping foods fresh and tasty. They are even microwavable, retaining heat while venting steam through. Give your customers the best dining out experience with Kari Out® Eco-Earth™ Boxes. Our Eco-Earth™ boxes are available in kraft with a unique leaf pattern.

For more variety, check out our Eco-Box™ line.

Kari-Out® Eco-Earth™ Boxes are:

Choose from difference sizes to meet your needs!

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